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future urban mobility breakout maas conference vienna 2019
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Breakout Sessions .

Learn more and think ahead!

We are offering a wide spread of breakout sessions to further develop our mission to build an ecosystem of the mobility of the future. Those sessions are led by experts of these various field and will compliment and further develop the messages from the main stage. Every visitor is happily invited to join!

Day 1: November 25th


Key Questions

The interactive workshop session raises awareness about alternative mobility futures.

The question is how ready are the different stakeholders to face alternative developments and shape the mobility sector to drive better outcomes for all stakeholders.



  1. Setting the Scene & Introduction to thinking in alternative futures
  2. Presentation of a set of contrasting future scenarios
  3. Group-work on the implications of these scenarios for different stakeholders and idea generation for new value propositions suited for each scenario
  4. Switching of perspectives through by changing groups into another scenario
  5. Debriefing of implications from each scenario and sharing of key learnings

What’s in it for the participants

Learn how to work with alternative future scenarios

Identify critical uncertainties for the future of mobility and related challenges for cities, energy providers, mobility providers and end-clients

Share implications of the scenarios for different stakeholders

Building of cross-sector expert network




Martin Mayer YouMeO Speaker MaaS conference Vienna


Martin Mayer

Showcase + Q&A

Key Questions

We investigate how e-mobility will transform the automotive and energy industry by converging these two historically distinct sectors to enable a set of new business opportunities.

How does the EV close the gap between the automotive and energy industry?

How can utilities, vehicle manufacturers and customers benefit from a new mobility ecosystem which encompasses the electric vehicle?



1.Setting the Scene: Shifts in two mayor industries

2.Showcase Presentation: Electric Vehicles – Merger of the Automotive and Energy Industry

3.Discussion on future business opportunities.

4.Q&A session


What’s in it for the participants

Get newest insights on the Energy Transition Outlook

Understand V2G Business Models and alternative use cases of EVs

Learn about necessary next steps for the road ahead

Building of expert network in various sectors




Jeremy Parkes DNV GL speaker MaaS Conference Vienna
DNG VL | Business Lead Electric Vehicles

Jeremy Parkes

Johannes Scherrer accilium speaker MaaS Conference Vienna


ACCILIUM  | Senior Associate

Johannes Scherrer


peter allan host maas conference vienna


ACCILIUM  | Managing Partner

Peter Allan

Showcase + Q&A

Key Questions

The workshop will offer insights how mass-data from both the private and public sector will enable new business models and increase quality of life for everyone.

What types of data are potential stars in the future?

What new business models or ideas are now thinkable?

How does public-private data pooling work in practice and which scenarios are feasible?



  1. Showcase presentation: Where and how does mass-data make a difference in mobility
  2. Rapid ideation process to develop AI-based business and process improvements
  3. Quick feasibility check if data and AI-methods can sufficiently support business objective and how public-private collaboration can lead to a greater benefit

What’s in it for the participants

Understanding of different sector issues and legal possibilities & constraints

Cross-sector validated ideas as basis for internal and collaborative projects

Building an expert network within a new business


clemens wasner speaker maas conference vienna


Clemens Wasner

Day 2: November 26th


Showcases demonstrate the immense value of data-sharing between public and private and will try to build a bridge between these sectors.

Who owns public data? Why is a corporation between public, energy and mobility providers so meaningful for a future city mobility?

Panel Discussion

Key Questions

  • How can we guarantee, that MaaS-Models, Taxi- und Sharing-Concepts, Electric Mobility will be available throughout all social classes? What are the numbers here within the offerings off the likes like Uber, Whim or TIM Graz?
  • What new mobility concepts can decrease the poverty in terms of mobility, e.g. in der rural areas or urban outskirts? What suitable business models or co-operations might be attractive?
  • What are the reasons that certain groups are using certain mobility solutions less? (e.g. woman tend to use carsharing less frequently)
  • How can we assists certain groups to develop the necessary skills to use modern services?


Angelika Rauch TBW research speaker Maas conference Vienna


Angelika Rauch

Showcase + Q&A

Key Questions

Participants will learn about how to cope with always faster cycles of innovation and evolving customer expectations.

We will focus on two main questions:

How to accelerate speed and chance of success of innovation projects?

How to enable an organization to become faster and more successful in regards to new innovations?



1.Setting the Scene: Speed of Transformation

2.Accelerate speed and reduce risk with your innovation projects: Lean Innovation

3.Enabling the organization to adapt to change and faster innovation circles: Implementing the right innovation models


What’s in it for the participants

Project perspective: Learn how to apply lean innovation methods in your organization to accelerate projects

Organizational perspective: Learn which activities and formats work for your organization to achieve sustainable success with innovation


Philippe Thiltges WhatAVenture speaker MaaS conference Vienna

Philippe Thiltges

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